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Wayne Rooney's Sprained Ankle!!

Rooney was in obvious distress
Wayne Rooney has suffered a sprained ankle that will keep him sidelined for between two and four weeks, British media is reporting.
Wayne Rooney's ankle dominated the sports pages on Wednesday.
"Not since Cinderella has so much rested on one foot," declared the Daily Mail newspaper in a headline that summed up the fears after the England striker was hurt in United's 2-1 Champions League quarter-final first leg defeat by Bayern Munich on Tuesday.
"Pray," declared the back page of the Sun. "England's worst nightmare," said the Times.

At best, he could be back in two weeks k for the Manchester Derby on April 17.
The news will also be a relief to Fabio Capello and England fans alike as these initial reports suggest the prolific striker, who has netted 34 times in all competitions this season, will not miss the World Cup with the same metatarsal injury that kept him sidelined in 2006.


Torres says, "The best is yet to come!"

• Two goals against Sunderland take season's tally to 18
• I've scored better, he says of his stunning third-minute opener
Fernando Torres has warned defenders there is still plenty of room for improvement in his game. The Liverpool striker scored twice in yesterday's 3-0 win over Sunderland, and now has 18 goals in 21 Premier League appearances this season.
Glen Johnson scored with a deflected shot in between those two, but Liverpool could easily have run out winners by six or seven goals such was their dominance, especially in a thrilling first-half performance.
But the talk was all about Torres' third-minute goal, when he whipped in a shot from the left angle of the penalty area which went over the goalkeeper Craig Gordon and found the top right-hand corner of the net.
The 25-year-old has now scored 56 times in 77 Premier League appearances and 70 in 113 outings for Liverpool.
"I think I've scored better goals, but I hope the best are still to come," he said. "The main thing is we keep enjoying our football and keep scoring goals. I got my goals because the team is playing really well, giving me good assists. We'll keep enjoying and keep scoring – that's my job. We have six games to play and must be as strong away as we are at home now. We can beat anyone."


Great Soccer Ball Picture

Soccer Ball Blue Game


There was much bad blood between England and Argentina — two powerhouses of world soccer — well before a ball was kicked in anger at the quarterfinals of 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Four years earlier, the two nations had gone to war over the Falkland Islands.
Diego Armando Maradona, Argentina’s greatest-ever player, scored both his side’s goals in the 2-1 victory. For the first, despite appearing to head the ball, the player actually used his fist to loop it over the English goalkeeper. England complained vociferously to the referee, but the goal stood, and it was followed a few minutes later by a second in which Maradona dribbled the ball from the halfway line, passing most of England’s defenders in the process, and slotted it into the net as casually as if he were playing a practice match.
After the match, cocky Maradona said the goal had been scored “un poco con la cabeza de Maradona y otro poco con la mano de Dios” (a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God). Then the political undercurrents bubbled up, with Maradona claiming that the goal and Argentina’s victory were retribution for his country’s defeat to the English in the Falklands war. “We blamed the English players for everything that happened, for all the suffering of the Argentine people … This was revenge.”
Video and photographic evidence demonstrated that he had struck the ball with his hand, which was shown on television networks and in newspapers all over the world. The goal helped intensify the footballing rivalry between the two nations: Argentina went on to win the World Cup and the English now felt that they had been cheated out of a possible World Cup victory, while the Argentinians enjoyed the manner in which they had taken the lead.
Of all the photos, the above one by Bob Thomas gave a clear view of the incident that the referee had missed.


Lionel Messi was superb in game against Stuttgart in Spain. Is he the best? These coaches think he is?

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola on Lionel Messi:
"He was so decisive.
"Every great has a tendency to influence his team, like Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. He's the best. We wouldn't trade him for anybody.
"To reach the quarterfinals is very important. We were very, very intense in all facets, very aggressive. We played a great game."
Stuttgart coach Christian Gross:
"Barcelona are strong individually and collectively and I think the elimination of Real Madrid gave them some extra motivation.
"Messi's ability is incredible when you consider his age. I think it's fair to compare him to Diego Maradona."

A brilliant new Pepsi advertisement for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. This ad features many footballers, including Didier Drogba, Andrei Arshavin, Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, ...

History of Celebration - Coca-Cola 2010 FIFA World Cup Tv ad


Football Fever -Heineken Commercial

Football Fever - Heineken Commercial - More free videos are here

The Heineken Football Fiesta Ad - Pretty Funny

Peter Crouch wins funniest man in sport vote after 'virgin' jibe

56496540Peter Crouch funny2
The lanky-legged striker, whose fiancee is lads' mag pin-up and lingerie model Abi Clancy (pictured above), topped a survey to find the best one liners and comedy football moments of all time.
The 6ft 7in beanpole responded to the question, "What would you be if you weren't a footballer?" by saying: "A virgin", winning him nearly a quarter of the votes in the poll.
His famous "robot dance" goal celebration - which he has promised to repeat if England win the World Cup in South Africa - also added to his appeal.
Manchester United legend George Best features at number two in the vote for his comment: "I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered."


Terry's woe continues after running over security guard

• Staff member breaks leg after Champions League defeat
• Reports say Terry spoke to police and took a breath test

The Chelsea captain John Terry was involved in an accident which resulted in one of the club's security staff suffering a broken leg after the Champions League defeat to Internazionale last night. Sky have reported that Terry was later given a breath test by the police.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed a collision and reported the victim suffering a broken leg. "Police were called at 23.13pm on Tuesday, 16 March to Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, SW6 to reports of a collision between a car and a pedestrian," said the police.

"A 35-year-old man suffering a broken leg was taken by ambulance to a west London hospital where he is in a stable condition. The 4x4 car did not stop at the scene. Enquiries into the incident continue."

The players' spokesman, Phil Hall said: "John was coming out of the car park and he was surrounded by paparazzi photographers. He was not driving very fast and a security guard waved him through.

"There were some fans there and they were telling the photographers to get out of the way. John had no idea that he had hit the man, until he received a phone call from the club an hour or so later. John volunteered to go to the police station, and was breathalised in his home at 1.30am."

Terry was not aware of the injury at the time but spoke to the police and the member of staff when he was made aware of the incident.

A Chelsea spokesman said: "We can confirm there was an unfortunate accident as John Terry left Stamford Bridge last night.

"When driving out of the stadium at approximately 1-2mph in a queue of traffic exiting the ground, his car was surrounded by photographers and fans.

"In the melee that ensued a member of Chelsea's security staff was knocked to the ground, making contact with the car. He suffered a badly bruised leg.

"John was aware at the time that there was a lot of contact with his car during the incident, but not that anyone was injured as a result.

"Upon hearing of the injury, John spoke to the police. He has also been in contact with the staff member to check on his welfare."

Chinese Soccer Ref may face Death Penalty

Chinese Football Association (CFA) soccer chief Wei Di was "shocked" and "hurt" by the arrest of World Cup referee Lu Jun in the ongoing probe into match-fixing in the domestic game.
Lu, who officiated in two matches at the 2002 World Cup finals in South Korea and Japan, was dubbed the "golden whistle" for his supposed integrity when China was in the thrall of the earlier "black whistles" scandal some eight years ago.

"I was really shocked and hurt when Lu's name cropped up in the scandal," Wei told Soccer News. "He is undoubtedly a first-rate referee in terms of working ability, but his morals are a far cry from his 'golden whistle' reputation."

One of three referees arrested in the last week, Lu faces punishments ranging from an administrative sanction to the death penalty, depending on the amount of money involved, if he is found guilty of having accepted bribes as a public servant. The others arrested were 45-year-old Guangzhou official Zhou Weixin, who like Lu was retired, and Huang Junjie, an active FIFA international referee since 1998.

Huang, 43, has taken charge of several internationals, including World Cup qualifiers involving Japan and Saudi Arabia.


England's David Beckham to miss World Cup with injury A rupture of the Achilles tendon

Brazil's President plans for World Cup Final

BRASILIA, Brazil -- President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is he's so confident of Brazil's chances in the World Cup that he is already planning to be at the final on July 11.

“I'm so optimistic that when I was in Mexico with President (Felipe) Calderon and he asked me if I was going to the opening game of the World Cup, I said I'm not going to the opener — I'm going to the final,” Silva said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.
Of course, Silva said he would have to attend the final match in Johannesburg anyway — at least for ceremonial reasons — since Brazil will be the host country for the 2014 World Cup.

MKBCC7-The Past The Future by footballronaldinho

EMOTIONS by arsenal959 excellent Soccer video

'Virtue' by Trev - MKBCC7 It is about Cesc Fabregas briliant years at Arsenal.

The Last Decade (00-09) - MKBCC7 Entry


2010 World Cup soccer - very funny advert

Didier Drogba has been named African Footballer of the Year 2009

... by the Confederation of African Football. The award was voted on by all CAF member associations, who each picked their top three players (three points for first choice, two for second, one for third). Ivorian Drogba had 92 points, Samuel Eto’o came second with 69 points and Michael Essien third with 42 points. 
Any doubts about the voting? Please comment below.

US v England

In just three months, on June 12th, the US national soccer team takes on the England team.  Sixty years ago the two nations met in the World Cup final and the US prevailed.  For six decades, the English have had to live with the memory of the biggest upset in tournament history. The Brits intends to get even this June.

MLS Possible Strike!

Major League Soccer(MLS) players have voted to strike unless a new labor deal is reached in time for the scheduled March 25 opener in a move which could damage the country's World Cup hopes.


Will it be ready???

When World Cup officials on a tour of South Africa's showpiece venues arrived at the ground on Sunday, they were confronted with a brown sandpit colonised by dozens of birds.
They now face a race against time to get the stadium ready for the first game between Honduras and Chile on June 16. Australia is due to play Serbia there in its third group match on June 23, after Italy and New Zealand meet at the venue.
There is local speculation that another pitch failure could force FIFA to switch the fixtures to a different venue.
Conflicting official explanations of what has gone wrong served only to sow confusion on a tour of nine cities. Ronnie Moyo, a 2010 marketing and events manager who gave a guided tour of the Mbombela Stadium, said the original pitch was removed in December after failing a FIFA inspection because ''25 per cent of the pitch had clay soil''. ''In January we put in some Norwegian grass and realised it was no good,'' he added.
''So the third one will go back to the original. We're starting tomorrow and it should only take two weeks.''
Asked how the blunders happened, he replied: ''When you put people under one roof they tend to recommend different things.''
But later a different version of events claimed there had been only one failure so far. Richard Hayden, a FIFA pitch consultant, said: ''The decision was made that the pitch was potentially very good but the extra 15 to 20 per cent [in quality] was not there.
''We're about to start reseeding and in about four weeks it will be green. In seven or eight weeks you will have a state-of-the-art pitch.''
Asked to resolve the discrepancies between accounts, Danny Jordaan, the chief executive of the World Cup organising committee, said: ''I should advise you to use information from the specialist, not what you heard in the corridor. Who do you believe, a heart surgeon or a tour guide?''


Zakumi Pictures - Official Mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer

Zakumi (born 16 June 1994 (age 15)) is the Official Mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He is an anthropomorphised leopard with green hair, presented on 22 September 2008. His name comes from "ZA", the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for South Africa, and "kumi", a word that means ten in various African languages. 
Zakumi's birthdate coincides with a day known and celebrated as Youth Day in South Africa. The year 1994 marks the first non-racial nationwide elections in South Africa. He will turn 16 in 2010.
The green and yellow (gold) colours of the character match the colours used in South African sport uniforms and can also be seen in the South African National football team's kit. 
Andries Odendaal, created the original character design.
The official motto of Zakumi is: "Zakumi's game is Fair Play." 

very good soccer compilation

FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams

This is a huge compiliation of Lionel Messi's career. It has all his great goals, great runs, skills, etc. It also has all the latest highlights, including his Champion's League goal against Manche...


2010 World Cup Soccer Promo

2010 South African Fifa World Cup Advert 2 (Music J.Clegg)

World Cup South Africa 2010

Zakumi South Africa's 2010 Mascot Animated Promo

FIFA World Cup 2010 - NEW Mega Trailer

Animals Playing Soccer (World Cup South Africa 2010) Futbol (football)

It's Our Game - England

Dance Like an African

World Cup Football (Soccer) 2010 - South Africa FIFA theme song - by Stylus Mirek Rosh

Match Schedule 2010 World Cup Soccer

MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
111/06 16:00Johannesburg - JSCSouth AfricaSouth Africa-MexicoMexico
211/06 20:30Cape TownUruguayUruguay-FranceFrance
1716/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaSouth AfricaSouth Africa-UruguayUruguay
1817/06 20:30PolokwaneFranceFrance-MexicoMexico
3322/06 16:00RustenburgMexicoMexico-UruguayUruguay
3422/06 16:00Mangaung / BloemfonteinFranceFrance-South AfricaSouth Africa
Group B
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
312/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPArgentinaArgentina-NigeriaNigeria
412/06 13:30Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethKorea RepublicKorea Republic-GreeceGreece
1917/06 16:00Mangaung / BloemfonteinGreeceGreece-NigeriaNigeria
2017/06 13:30Johannesburg - JSCArgentinaArgentina-Korea RepublicKorea Republic
3522/06 20:30DurbanNigeriaNigeria-Korea RepublicKorea Republic
3622/06 20:30PolokwaneGreeceGreece-ArgentinaArgentina
Group C
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
512/06 20:30RustenburgEnglandEngland-USAUSA
613/06 13:30PolokwaneAlgeriaAlgeria-SloveniaSlovenia
2218/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPSloveniaSlovenia-USAUSA
2318/06 20:30Cape TownEnglandEngland-AlgeriaAlgeria
3723/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethSloveniaSlovenia-EnglandEngland
3823/06 16:00Tshwane/PretoriaUSAUSA-AlgeriaAlgeria
Group D
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
713/06 20:30DurbanGermanyGermany-AustraliaAustralia
813/06 16:00Tshwane/PretoriaSerbiaSerbia-GhanaGhana
2118/06 13:30Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethGermanyGermany-SerbiaSerbia
2419/06 16:00RustenburgGhanaGhana-AustraliaAustralia
3923/06 20:30Johannesburg - JSCGhanaGhana-GermanyGermany
4023/06 20:30NelspruitAustraliaAustralia-SerbiaSerbia
Group E
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
914/06 13:30Johannesburg - JSCNetherlandsNetherlands-DenmarkDenmark
1014/06 16:00Mangaung / BloemfonteinJapanJapan-CameroonCameroon
2519/06 13:30DurbanNetherlandsNetherlands-JapanJapan
2619/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaCameroonCameroon-DenmarkDenmark
4324/06 20:30RustenburgDenmarkDenmark-JapanJapan
4424/06 20:30Cape TownCameroonCameroon-NetherlandsNetherlands
Group F
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
1114/06 20:30Cape TownItalyItaly-ParaguayParaguay
1215/06 13:30RustenburgNew ZealandNew Zealand-SlovakiaSlovakia
2720/06 13:30Mangaung / BloemfonteinSlovakiaSlovakia-ParaguayParaguay
2820/06 16:00NelspruitItalyItaly-New ZealandNew Zealand
4124/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPSlovakiaSlovakia-ItalyItaly
4224/06 16:00PolokwaneParaguayParaguay-New ZealandNew Zealand
Group G
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
1315/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethCôte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire-PortugalPortugal
1415/06 20:30Johannesburg - JEPBrazilBrazil-Korea DPRKorea DPR
2920/06 20:30Johannesburg - JSCBrazilBrazil-Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire
3021/06 13:30Cape TownPortugalPortugal-Korea DPRKorea DPR
4525/06 16:00DurbanPortugalPortugal-BrazilBrazil
4625/06 16:00NelspruitKorea DPRKorea DPR-Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire
Group H
MatchDate - TimeVenueResults
1516/06 13:30NelspruitHondurasHonduras-ChileChile
1616/06 16:00DurbanSpainSpain-SwitzerlandSwitzerland
3121/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethChileChile-SwitzerlandSwitzerland
3221/06 20:30Johannesburg - JEPSpainSpain-HondurasHonduras
4725/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaChileChile-SpainSpain
4825/06 20:30Mangaung / BloemfonteinSwitzerlandSwitzerland-HondurasHonduras