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2010 FIFA World Cup Wall Charts Free - Classic and Traditional- A Tradition


Wall charts are a World Cup tradition. 
a) They’re a handy guide to who’s playing who, and when. If you have a wall chart, you have no excuse for missing a game. 
b) You can fill in the scores as you go along. I love seeing my wall chart slowly fill up with numbers, because it’s part of the experience of marking the tournament’s progress. When you only have the scores from the first round of group games and the rest of the boxes are empty, you know there’s still plenty of football to go. When you’re filling in the semi-final scores you know the whole thing is nearly over.

The people behind World Cup Blog have put together two options. The first is a “classic” style wall chart made up of one page with the schedule and box scores. The second is a “bracket” style version made up of two pages. Here’s a quick teaser image:
wall chart 345

If you’re interested in having either or both of the wall charts some where in your home or office, then here’s a step by step:
1. Visit our World Cup 2010 Wall Chart page.
2. Click the links to select either the “Classic” or “Bracket” version. The wall chart will open as a pdf.
3. Print out your wall chart (or save and print later).
4. Attach to a vertical surface with something either sharp, sticky or magnetic.
5. Wait for June 11th, 2010.

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