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FIFA Policy for Copyright Protection responses

"Anyone who flies the South African flag while blowing a vuvuzela* and mentioning the current year is in direct contravention of FIFA copyright laws and will be summarily transported (to Siberia).”
This is a quote from a spoof news article by satirical South African news website – implying that FIFA’s policing of their copyright protection has been taken to the extreme against South Africa

Kulula Responds To FIFA Legal Threats With Hilarious Clarifying Ad

from the this-is-not-an-ad-about-the-world-cup dept

In response to our post about FIFA threatening Kulula airlines in South Africa over its advertisment jokingly declaring itself the "unofficial national carrier of the 'you-know-what'," JJ sends over the news that Kulula has put together a new ad that looks similar to the old ad, but which changes the text to the even more ambiguous: "Not Next Year, Not Last Year, But Somewhere in Between" to avoid saying the dreaded "2010." The artwork in the ad is similar to the original, but clarifies that each thing that you might interpret as being about the World Cup is actually about something else. For example, the vuvuzelas (horns) are "definitely, definitely golf tees" and the guy who looks like he might be playing football is actually just a "man putting his right foot in, his right foot out and shaking it all about." Small versions are below, but be sure to click through for the larger versions:
Original ad

Latest ad

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