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2010 World Cup Predictions

Predictions of the South Africa 2010 World Cup winning teams have been made by the UBS bankers who have used a mathematical model to predict outcome of the World Cup.
Despite being written off by pretty much the whole planet, South Africa have been given the best chance of any nation – 78 per cent – to advance to knockout rounds.
Don’t say we never bring you good news!
However, Brazil, who won the cup five times, are the likely winners, with 22pc chance, the Swiss bank said.
UBS reckon that Spain, current European champions and bookmakers' favourite, have just a 4pc shot at the title. Brit’s don’t fare much better in the predictions, with Fabio Capello's England also on a 4pc chance.
The bank will be popular with Saffas though, after claiming that theWorld Cup hosts are almost certain a place in the second round, rating their chances at 78pc.
UBS used its "econometric toolbox and quantitative models" to forecast the winner based on factors including historic results and the teams' current "Elo ratings" – which take account of recent wins, losses and defeats and the conditions under which those events occurred.

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